Fish Fillets NG


Addictive puzzle game starring two fish



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Fish Fillets NG is a logic game where you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles with the help of the two fish that are the protagonists of this adventure.

Based on the paid game of the same name, Fish Fillets NG is freeware and multiplatform. The main goal is to make your way through the different levels by moving all the objects you find in your path.

The little fish can only move the lighter objects. The big one can move all of them. But be careful, as you can get trapped or squashed by the weight of the objects you’re trying to move. You can use the back key to restart the level.

The first levels of Fish Fillets NG show you how to play and the keys you’ll have to use during the game, preparing you for a total of 76 levels that will put your intelligence to the test.
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